Chirp for Chrome is here!

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Today we are announcing an exciting little experiment: Chirp for Chrome.

This plugin lets you send data from your browser to Android or iOS devices nearby. The next version will listen to your phone too! Get it from the Chrome Store:

Download it and install to your browser. Happy Chirping!

Need help? Here you go:

PS We were pleasantly surprised yesterday to hear of the launch of Google Tone, a plugin for Chrome that… sends data as sound.

This idea will be familiar to Chirp fans everywhere. Naughty Google: Tone is a clone.

Chirp x Arduino = Chirpino!

We’re big believers in the potential of the Internet of Things, big fans of the amazing Arduino platform, and we want to connect all the things with sound.

The above device running a Particle core (Particle is the newly rebranded Spark) is chirping in London’s Digital Catapult Centre, and runs Chirpino, our newly released audio encoder for Arduino-based hardware.

For more on our ideas for creating the Internet of Sound, check this excellent MAKE magazine post featuring interviews with Chirp Founder Patrick Bergel, and Chirp Tiny Devices Ambassador, Julian Saunderson.

Today we’re making Chirpino public, so your devices chirp!

Connect your things to official Chirp apps or Chirp-SDK-enabled apps.

Hardware devs, point your browsers at

Now go forth… and create amazing things!


Invest in Chirp! Funding campaign launches

Invest in Chirp! We’re announcing the launch of our £400K crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. This is YOUR chance to get on board with our dream of connecting millions of devices… using sound.

Anything that carries sound (from mobile phones to radios to doorbells) can now send data.

Really? Really:

Why Chirp?

Chirp makes sharing easier. No passwords, no pairing… just sound.

Why Crowdcube?

With uses from payments to ticketing to vouchers and more, Chirp is raising £400K to advance the commercialisation of the platform. We’ve just opened our SDK programme to developers and released a slew of great new features.

Now the #1 download from the UK to China (and a Top 20 app in 56 more) is looking for YOUR help to take the business forward.

With test clients including Accenture, Black Swan and a well-known global telco, and pledges of match funding from UCL Business and Boris Johnson’s London Co-Investment Fund now is the time to join us: you’re in good company.

All aboard!