Well… we certainly weren’t expecting this.

Canadian radio station CBC recently ran a cool competition using Bitcoin and Chirp.

One of their listeners, Chris Skory from Rockland County, received $50 over the airwaves with Chirp.

Check out the CBC broadcast to learn more about Bitcoin, or skip right into 6.00m to jump to the experiment. Now, we’ve been thinking hard about sending money using sound for a while now… and we hope to bring you some exciting news on this soon. Stay tuned for more!


We’ve been having a frankly crazy and wonderful time working with Topshop for their fabulous SS14 collection at London Fashion Week- sending chirps live from their website, instore at their Digital Garden on Oxford Circus and even direct from the trees at yesterday’s stellar event in Regent’s Park! See what Topshop have been chirping lately here on our Pinterest – exclusive backstage fashion and upcoming looks!

Even better, grab Chirp app and head to Topshop’s SS14 page

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Well, this should be exciting.

Every year, Topshop collaborates with new technology partners at London Fashion Week. This year, Chirp has been working with Topshop so chirp users can receive images to reveal secrets from around the upcoming show at London Fashion Week.

Wow! We can hardly wait.

Pictures will include exclusive backstage looks from the SS14 collection, all the new looks from the show and shots of the models on the catwalk – all sent in the form of digital birdsong.

The Topshop homepage will feature a Chirp Gallery so that you can receive the same content at home via Chirp. VIP guests at the fashion show in Regents Park will receive exclusive images… chirped from the trees in the garden.

We like that idea too. Stay tuned for more chirping from the show!

Oh, and there’s a chirp in the video above :)

Update to the latest Chirp for iPhone 
NEW Get the brand new Chirp for Android

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It’s a been a while coming, but we’re super-excited to launch Chirp for Android.

Chirp is a unique app that lets you share stuff (like pictures or contacts) – using sound.

Chirp uses special electronic birdsong to ‘chirp’ information to your friends so you can share pictures over the air!

This release for Android is designed run on all dual-core phones. If you have any problems just let us know, and if you need any help on how to use the app, take a look here. Chirp is a free application – so what are you waiting for?

Get Chirp for Android



Well, this is a big honour for a little startup.

Chirp has been nominated for a Design of The Year Award at the London Design Museum.

The exhibition features some of the best recent British design, and we’re delighted to have been included. The show runs until July 7th, and there’s a lot of great stuff you must see, including a couple of our own favourites: Berg’s splendid Little Printer and the wonderful Raspberry Pi.

Gizmodo did a great piece on the best Digital Design Exhibitors – check it out!

Last but not least – if you were still wondering what Chirp actually is – you can download it for iOS now!


A Big Chester



We’re very excited to launch Chirp for iPhone. Chirp is a unique app that lets you share things (like pictures or contacts) – using sound.

The app uses special electronic birdsong to ‘chirp’ information over the air to your friends. Every chirp is a little song that links to anything you want to share.

Soon we hope to bring out Chirp for Android, and all kinds of other platforms to come. The app is free to download and use. Let us know what you think!

Download Chirp for iPhone here

Birds sing to communicate: so why not machines?

Chirp is a new system for connecting devices. It works by turning links into audio. Press the big yellow button above to hear the picture being chirped.

Soon you’ll be able to send and receive chirps on your smartphone (iPhone version coming shortly) so any device that makes sound, from doorbells to vinyl, will be able to send data.

That could be quite useful for all sorts of things, we think.

Stay tuned.

Last month we went off to music and tech fest Sonar in Barcelona to do some previews of Chirp, and find out if anyone was as excited as we were by the whole idea.

This was only our third public outing after Future Everything and Music Tech Fest, and we were just a little bit nervous. OK, very nervous. How would the app stand up to being played with by hundreds of sweaty dancers, sound-nerds, audio-tech people? Would anyone care? And Sonar would probably be pretty loud, too? Hmmm.

It turns out we needn’t have worried at all. The app worked brilliantly, despite the Ableton crew cranking up the volume in the demo hall.

And we were blown away by the love for Chirp.

Asking people what they thought of the the beta version, we learnt the word for ‘awesome’ in about ten languages. We had some great ideas from the floor. We made lots of new friends from all over the world. And, we even managed to have a little dance after the demo sessions closed in the evening. In short, Chirp was born.

Our favourite comment of the whole festival? “Yo lo flipo” – “I flipped out”.

Thanks, Sonar. We’ll be back!

Gracias especialmente a Arancha y Noe por su gran trabajo y ser encantadoras.


Future Everything is one of the UK’s best-established and most important tech-art festivals. With a great lineup again this year, it was an honour to be asked to talk about some of the thinking behind our work and give the first public previews of Chirp.

We thought it went pretty well.

Read more about this year’s FE2012, and Chirp creator Patrick Bergel’s talk on noise, butterflies, biology and birdsong on the Eye Magazine blog. At some point we’ll get the full talk up on the Animal Systems site.

FE2012 was, as expected: a fantastic event – we met a bunch of remarkable people turning ideas into wonderful things. Somehow defying both gravity and the need for sleep, our own Dan Jones also found time between rebuilds of the Chirp app to co-produce and install Maelstrom: the sound of networks at work.

Thanks to Future Everything Founder & Director Drew Hemmet, and to Conference Manager Dave Holloway.