New recruit! Mr. James Nesfield


We are delighted to welcome the latest recruit to Chirp: James Nesfield.

James brings a rare collection of talents and experience to the mix: iOS, audio DSP and acoustics. With a technical background working for computer vision startup Peekabu, both commercial and academic research experience at Genelec Oy and Aalto University, we couldn’t be happier to have him aboard.

We asked him to introduce himself to our followers. Take it away, James:

How did you find Chirp?

As my blog was able to remind me, I discovered Chirp a while back and have been following the company avidly since then. I have always been interested in sound, people and technology and track interesting products and projects in this space. Chirp stood out to me from the beginning as something special.

The technology

The key aspect of chirp’s technology that appeals to me is its accessibility – the fact that we are able to listen in on the action, that our senses are capable of joining in the conversation between machines. This is quite rare, and for me places humanising technology like Chirp in an interesting and sparsely populated spot on the technological landscape. My background in Acoustics, DSP, Sound Art and Human-Computer Interaction naturally led me to enquire about becoming a member of the Chirp team earlier this year.

The company

I’m really excited to be joining such a talented group of people with such simultaneously wide & deep expertise in the areas of sound, tech and interaction. Having backed the company during the latest CrowdCube investment round, it’s a privilege to be able to contribute again, now as part of the team.

The next big thing

Chirp’s technology has the capability to integrate into billions of existing devices with speakers & microphones, from the latest smartphones to the most simple IoT and legacy hardware. I am looking forward to the challenge of making it easy for other developers to use our technology, seeing (and listening to!) the ways in which Chirp can be used to make our interactions with technology more fun, simple and human.

Welcome aboard, James! 

Welcome to our newest recruit – Moran Lerner


We are delighted to welcome the latest recruit to Chirp: Moran Lerner.

Moran will be heading up business development as Chief Commercial & Strategy Officer.  Previously, Moran held senior executive positions at a range of marketing and technology companies, including: Head of Loyalty at Barclaycard, Global Director of Finance Loyalty at Velti, EVP of MPayMe (acquired by Powa Technologies). Moran was also co-founder of global digital agency e-Merge, is currently a non-exec at World Brands, and has worked for clients including Nestle, Mondelez, Viacom, UEFA, AB InBev, Marvel, Amex, P&G and Burger King.

We asked him to introduce himself to our followers.

Why did you join Chirp?

The technology

Chirp is an inspirational new way for people and machines communicate with one another.

It has immense untapped potential to allow brand-to-consumer engagement on a totally new level. Add to this the ability for the consumer to respond using Chirp in real-time, and it achieves so much where other more well-publicised technologies have failed and continue to fail: Chirp allows for engagement even when the devices themselves are offline.

The simplicity of the technology in its real-world application makes it, for me, one of the most exciting new technologies on the market in over a decade.

The company

There is little more refreshing and exciting than working alongside some of the most brilliant and passionate technology and innovations minds around, where every day something new is created that is simply astounding.
I love being challenged to find new ways of applying the wonders of technology, and that is best achieved by working with a group of people who live and breathe this very mindset every day. And to see the sheer excitement on the faces of new clients, and from some of the largest brands in the world who had thought they’d seen it all, makes it all worthwhile – I too thought I’d pretty much seen it all.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve been involved in something as exhilarating and powerful as Chirp.

Looking forward

Chirp has only scratched the surface of potential uses in the wider world. 

I believe Chirp can transform many existing technologies into more powerful and effective solutions, by complementing existing infrastructure already used by many retailers and organisations today. Chirp can become a completely new channel for communicating, engaging and sharing between brands and consumers across a plethora of devices that exist today but where much of their own capability is simply not used.

Chirp opens up these dormant capabilities allows a slicker, more effective customer experience that can revolutionise the loyalty and commerce world in hugely exciting ways.

Welcome aboard, Moran! 

The Internet Of Sound


Chirp creator Patrick Bergel has a new post up on Techcrunch, where he introduces the idea that drives everything we do here –  The Internet of Sound. In the post he explains what the Internet of Sound (or ‘speakernet’) is, why it’s a powerful idea whose time has come, and how sound is going to complement existing networks.

He writes:

“Sound is in many ways the first, and yet the most neglected, network — a bridge over the last few feet, a medium that goes where other networks cannot. We can now repurpose ATMs, TVs, toys, radios and tablets to be part of the Internet of Sound — if it carries audio, it can send data… “

Read the full post here


Thank you!


Chirp crowdfunding campaign is now officially CLOSED and overfunded by 188%!

So from me (and all of us) – Thank you.

When we started out, we had good reason to think that Chirp would reach 100% of our target – but we had no idea that we would get as far as this.

With over £750K from 365 investors, we are delighted with the outcome.

Once again – many thanks to all supporters and friends, from everybody here at Chirp. You’ve been awesome.

The campaign is formally closed, but in case for some reason you missed the chance to get involved, it is still possible to express your interest in further investment via Crowdcube.

We’d be happy to take a look at these on a case-by-case basis, so feel free to get in touch.

GQI invests in Chirp


And now, a major announcement.

Chirp is very pleased to announce an investment as part of our (125% overfunded) Crowdcube campaign of a further £215K from GuanQun Investment UK Ltd.

GQI UK is a London based Venture Capital investment firm, with a focus on companies engaged in the development of fintech and data innovations. GQI UK is the UK subsidiary of Guanqun Chicheng Investment Management, a leading player in the peer-to-peer lending market in China.

As part of the strategic investment, Chirp and GQI UK intend to investigate commercial opportunities for Chirp in the Chinese market.

We are excited to welcome GQI aboard, and we look forward to the next phase of Chirp with GQI’s support.

With this latest investment, we are now well set to accelerate our plans to connect hundreds of millions of devices worldwide using Chirp technology.

Stay tuned for big things to come!

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Crowdfunding campaign ends tonight at midnight!


When the clock strikes midnight tonight, we close our crowdfunding campaign.

This is absolutely, positively and definitely your final chance to join with over 355 investors  who have backed us to the tune of over £740K so far, some distance above our original target of £400K.

In short, with the help of the crowd, we are now officially rocking it.

Thank you all for joining us. And if you haven’t yet – now’s the time!

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