Using Chirp

What is Chirp?
Chirp is a way to share stuff using sound.
Got the app? Test it here
1. Open the app - Chirp is listening

2. Make sure the sound on your computer is on

3. Press the big yellow button below. You will hear a chirping sound.

Daphne Oram
The picture above should appear on your phone. Didn't hear anything? Turn the volume up a little on your computer, and press the big yellow button again. That should do it.
Using Chirp is simple
Get close to the person you want to chirp something to -- a few feet away is fine. You and your friend need to both be running the application for it to work. Press the big yellow 'chirp' button. A little chirping sound will be heard. Bingo! Whatever you chirped them will appear on their phone. That's it.
I’m having trouble receiving chirps
Try standing nearer, or holding your phones closer. If you're in a noisy place, then the chirp might not get heard.
If you can hear a chirp, so can the app
It works better if you’re close to the sound in a fairly quiet place, and it doesn’t work at all if you’re a long way away in noisy place.
Help! The app is acting strangely!
Hmm. That’s not right. How can we help? If you're experiencing strange or unexpected behaviour, let us know by posting here. To help us help you, please include the things we need to know: your iPhone model and iOS version, the version of the app you're using, when the app did something strange, and the kind of network that you're on when you see the issue - wireless, 3G, EDGE, etc. That way we can try repeat the problem you’re having, and fix it as fast as we can.
Who is that in the test picture?
That's Daphne Oram, electronic music pioneer and co-founder of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
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