Hey, you!

In case you’re interested to work with us, here’s some stuff that you might like to know. Firstly, we’re a small company with big ideas and some awesomely useful, unique technology now in use in 180 countries around the world. We’re on a mission to connect all kinds of devices (from mobile phones to ATMs) using sound. Now think about this – sound is everywhere. There are more loudspeakers on planet Earth than people, by some margin. What if all of them could send data? That’s the big idea.

To make the idea of chirping data real, we built some mobile apps. The first Chirp client was launched in July 2012, and took #1 download spots in App Stores  and Chirp for Android was launched in Sept 2013 at London Fashion Week, in collaboration with global fashion retailer Topshop.

We have recently raised £750K via Crowdcube and London Co-Investment Fund (LCIF), over-achieving our funding target by 188% – read more:



Sounds good. Now what?

Our next challenge is to open Chirp up to as many devices and services as we can think of. Or – even better – to get as many things chirping as the internet can think of.

We are friendly people and we welcome informal enquiries and CVs from interesting people, including those with diverse or non-standard skillsets.

Please send an introduction and any relevant links to jobs@chirp.io