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We’re hiring!

In case you’re interested to work with us, here’s some stuff that you might like to know.

Firstly, we’re a small company with big ideas and some awesomely useful, unique technology now in use in 180 countries around the world.

We’re on a mission to connect all kinds of devices (from mobile phones to ATMs) using sound.

Now think about this – sound is everywhere. There are more loudspeakers on planet Earth than people, by some margin.

What if all of them could send data? That’s the big idea. Now read on:


Let’s teach the machines to sing


To make the idea of chirping data real, we built some mobile apps.

The first Chirp client was launched in July 2012, and took #1 download spots in App Stores including: the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Ireland and China. Chirp for iOS went on to be a Top 20 App in 58 App Stores worldwide.

Chirp for Android was launched in Sept 2013 at London Fashion Week, in collaboration with global fashion retailer Topshop.

Chirp is a super-flexible platform and can be used share any data from pictures to payments to pairing codes. Chirp has also been used in marketing campaigns by Bacardi, featured at the Opening Ceremony 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, heard live at the Royal Albert Hall, broadcast on air on by the BBC, and is shortly to be installed on 40,0000 devices in California classrooms.

Chirp is led by design, and took Gold Prize for Mobile Innovation (iOS & Android) at the 2013 Lovie Awards and was exhibited in at the London Design Museum, Designs of the Year Award Show 2013.

Chirp is backed by UCL Business, the tech transfer arm of UCL, University College London, where our founders hold senior research positions.


Sounds good. Now what?


Our next challenge is to open Chirp up to as many devices and services as we can think of.

Or – even better – to get as many things chirping as the internet can think of. We will be providing SDKs and API access to developers great and small on hardware of all kind, and we’re looking for some clever people to help us take on this exciting next phase.

These are the roles we’re looking for:


Lead Developer


You will be leading a small team creating a broad range of web-enabled audio applications for iOS, Android and other platforms. This is a great opportunity for someone who is looking to take leadership responsibility within a fast-growing company. Share options may be available.


Key Skills


Computer Science degree

Python programming

Knowledge of web-hosted APIs. AWS deployment/maintenance an advantage

Knowledge of MongoDB, Pylons and/or related platforms an advantage




Worked as server developer supporting web clients and app clients

Worked as a lead of a small team, or ready to take on this role

Experience of working with diverse platforms, either professionally or recreationally (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi) preferred

3-5+ years acting a senior developer

Written a web-services API and maintained a deployed system through different versions



iOS & Android Dev


Looking for a creative developer to maintain and build on current Chirp apps and SDKs for both iOS and Android. You are not the average app developer.


Key Skills

Computer Science degree

iOS development

Android development

Knowledge of programming against web APIs (Facebook, Twitter, etc) an advantage


2-3+ years experience on one of iOS or Android

1-2+ years experience on secondary application

Must demonstrate deployed apps on the relevant app stores

Have implemented apps that connect to web services

Knowledge of optimising code for ARM devices highly desired

A broad interest in computing platforms, low-end and web service integration etc. is a Good Thing


Web Developer


A creative developer with experience building dynamic & responsive web services, both client-side and server-side. You like to see it done just right.


Key Skills

Computer Science degree or equivalent demonstrated experience

HTML5 development, modern web frameworks

Python or Javascript back-end development


2-3+ years experience in web services

Must be able to demonstrate currently active services


None of the Above

You are none of the above, but you’re looking to join an ambitious startup.

We are friendly people and we welcome both informal enquiries and CVs from interesting people, including those with diverse or non-standard skillsets. Though we’re making technical hires today, we’re always looking for talent in marketing, design, production, growth hacking… if you like what we’re doing (or maybe you think we’re doing it all wrong) then let’s have coffee.


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Last updated 15.07.14