Richard Mann, CEO

Richard is Chief Conductor at Chirp, having joined the business as CEO and investor in August 2014. He was previously COO of Mobile Interactive Group, leading its sale to both Opera Software and Velti in 2011, and then General Manager of Velti’s mobile marketing business unit. Richard worked in the technology group at PricewaterhouseCoopers in audit and corporate finance before doing his first start-up in 1999 and has since been involved in early-stage businesses across the mobile and payments sector. He loves understanding how things work, data, running, skiing and tennis..

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Patrick Bergel, Founder & Head of Product

Patrick is Lord Creator of Chirp. He previously founded mobile search startup L6 Research, carried out research into sound control surfaces and ubiquitous computing systems, and has worked as a creative director for clients including Microsoft and Ray-Ban. Patrick is also an Honorary Research Associate at University College London, Dept. of Computer Science and an Associate Director of the New Radiophonics Workshop. He likes birds, synthesizers, and so on.

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Anthony Steed, CTO

Anthony builds things. He is Deputy Head of the Department of Computer Science, University College London, and head of the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group. His research areas include real-time interactive virtual environments, mixed-reality systems, large-scale models and collaboration between immersive facilities. He’s co-authored two books, worked for Electronic Arts and somehow finds time to consult in the area of graphics and new media.

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Daniel Jones, Lead iOS Developer

Daniel is a developer whose work combines sound, art and data. With a research background in computational biology, an MA in Sonic Arts and a BA in Philosophy & Computer Science, Daniel’s audio development work on iOS games Papa Sangre and The Nightjar was nominated for two BAFTAs.

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Amaury Hazan, Lead Audio Developer

Amaury holds a PhD in Music Technology from Pompeu Fabra University, home of the Reactable and Freesound projects. He likes to mix development, audio analysis and machine learning to create new forms of music interaction. He previously worked for RJDJ and launched the award-winning CamBox video app on iOS.

Stefano Dipierro, Lead Developer

Stefano likes programming languages and well-crafted software. His experience varies from startups to large scale websites from shopping comparison sites to airline booking systems. Other passions include tasting hoppy beers in London best craft beer pubs and playing/collecting vintage guitars.

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Mike Smales, Android Developer

Wrote first mobile app in 2005 has been working in the tech industry ever since. Has been lead on a number of high profile apps as well as various startups. Mike has written apps for most mobile app platforms including Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone, Android and most recently Google Glass.

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Eren Gokcek, Producer

Eren is an all-round product person who helps with marketing and development at Chirp. He holds an MA in Digital Media from Goldsmiths, University of London, and has published papers on technology and new media etc. He is interested in human behaviour and user experience with technology and culture and bridging the gap between products and the market. He can be found making music, cycling, tucking into Turkish food and sipping an IPA.

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John Graham VP, Sales

John likes doing deals! And he’s done a lot of them in C Level International commercial roles in traditional and digital media working with Global B2C & B2B brands. More recently, he has specialized in monetizing mobile Applications and SaaS solutions. He likes to listen as well as talk.

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Ben Silver, Business Development

Setup first business at 16, growing it to £2 million in revenue from a £2000 investment. An entrepreneurial and highly motivated individual with diverse skills ranging from business creation, development and growth, to sales, product management and development. A keen eye for new opportunities within startups and businesses with a focus on quick execution.

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Julian Saunderson, Developer

Julian is a developer currently making intricate software for unfeasibly small devices. Previously he was a director of Soda, a creative development house and consultancy, and he worked for many years teaching artists to compute at Middlesex University. He has a degree in Computer Science from Manchester, and in his spare time he likes to philosophise.

Dinu Chiriac, Front End Developer

Dinu is a developer who dedicated his entire life to coding. His scope is to transform entire real life into lines of code that will chirp. As a web developer in computer science he is creating web interfaces that allow us to communicate with computer world.

Manabu Shimada, iOS Developer

Manabu is an iOS developer and sound designer, and a graduate in Sonic Arts & Studio Composition from Goldsmiths. In 2004, he moved to the UK from Tokyo and began his career as a composer and a sound designer for clients such as Pioneer, Fujitsu, BBC, Gap and others. He is the author of granular synthesis application ‘Luanna’ for iPad, and has exhibited installation work at Linz Light Art Biennale.

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