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Roblox choose Chirp for seamless device detection

Chirp's new proximity and multichannel protocols allow for frictionless group building.

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Chirp is a wireless communication technology for exchanging data between nearby devices via sound.

It uses any existing speaker or microphone, and is configurable to use audible or inaudible near-ultrasonic frequencies.

Chirp is designed for simplicity, eliminating connectivity headaches and simplifying everyday tasks like connecting to Wi-Fi networks, sharing contact details, and making peer-to-peer payments. It's trusted by companies and developers across the world, from nuclear power stations to children's toys.

Chirp technology is available as a suite of cross-platform enterprise-ready SDKs available to download for free.

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Chirp in 66 seconds....

Why sound?



Tap to share data with anyone around you, creating a seamless and delightful sharing experience. No pairing or typing needed.



Virtually any device with a microphone or speaker is Chirp-ready, from legacy industrial hardware to modern smart speakers. Send data through any existing audio infrastructure.



Can be used in areas or situations that have no internet, making it a safe and secure method of proximity communication that's COPPA/GDPR-compliant.



Works in the noisiest of environments, from nuclear power stations to the streets of New Delhi. Verified by external lab testers, and proven with background noise exceeding 100dB(A)



Supports industry-standard encryption (AES, RSA, TOTP) for secure authentication and one-to-one messaging.


Low Power

In embedded applications, Chirp's power usage is lower than Bluetooth LE.

Integrate in minutes

Drag, drop and add a few lines of code.

Developer docs

Download SDKs

Cross-platform SDKs, toolkits & tutorials...


... and Chirp works with technologies you already use.

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We partnered with Microsoft to bring effortless provisioning to Azure IoT Devices.

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Let your users discover and setup realtime websocket connections with ease.

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Discover and connect with nearby devices to send large data with ease with Google's Firebase.

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Enable Amazon Alexa to speak to devices in the room, without prior setup or pairing

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Find nearby friends and send money with sound using PayPal.

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Use Chirp within your React Native app. Cross-platform data-over-sound made easy.

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