Simplifying connectivity using sound

Our machine-to-machine communications software enables any device with a loudspeaker or microphone to exchange data via inaudible sound waves. Driven by unparalleled research and a world-class engineering team, Chirp enables the interconnection of millions of devices in a seamless, scalable, and cost-effective way to enhance end-user experience and add value to existing hardware.

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Chief Executive Officer

James's academic focus spans degrees in Acoustics and Sonic Art and doctoral research in Human-Computer Interfaces with Sound, and has since been involved in engineering and strategy at multiple startups. At Chirp he is responsible for managing the technology and development direction. He works with Chirp's external partners to integrate and promote the use of the technology in their products.

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Dr. Dan

Chief Technology Officer

Dan has numerous publications and patent filings spanning digital signal processing, audio and communications. His PhD (Goldsmiths, University of London) applied high-performance computing to unanswered questions in computational biology. He now leads Chirp’s research into next-generation audio communication technologies.

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Dr. Adib

Head of Research

Adib's experience in audio span a wide range of areas, including sound engineering, signal processing, machine learning, vocal analysis, and audio perception. He holds a BSc in Audio Technology and recently completed a PhD in Computer Science at the Centre for Digital Music (Queen Mary University of London). Adib joined Chirp to focus on researching machine listening and intelligent audio systems.

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Senior Engineer

Dinu is a passionate software engineer with over 5 years of comprehensive experience in software development. As a project leader, he has worked in an agile environment with a large scale of technologies and languages starting from hardware programming like Arduino and finishing with mobile and web applications development.

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Head of Engineering

Joe has a passion for both audio and technology, and everything in between. With a background in Electronic Engineering and several years experience working with embedded systems and across the full web stack, his focus is to continue the development of Chirp technologies.

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Embedded Lead

Damien completed 2 years of a Higher School Preparatory Class in mathematics before joining EPITA, a French engineering school in computing. He did the CERES specialisation (Computing Engineering for Real-time and Embedded Systems). As intern, Damien worked 4 months at the French customs administration. At Chirp, Damien's main focus is to adapt our technology to work on embedded systems, which are tiny systems with little memory and low CPU power.


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With over 20 years’ in leadership roles, currently Chairman of White Springs Ltd and recently CEO of Myriad Group, a Swiss listed mobile technology specialist. Stephen has had significant exposure to developing tech businesses from start up through to exit, with a focus on sales, marketing, business development, strategy and the fundraising.


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