Chirp joins Sonos

The perfect match of wireless technologies and audio.

After working together for the last year, we are excited to announce that Chirp has been acquired by Sonos.

Since spinning out of research arising from the Computer Science department at University College London in 2011, Chirp has always held firm to a belief that robust, reliable data-over-sound could transform user experiences and bring new possibilities to audio-capable devices.

Sonos shares this belief, alongside our common passions for engineering excellence, delightful user experience, and investment in advanced research and development.

Having joined Sonos, access to the Chirp developer console will be closing on March 1st, meaning users will no longer be able to download Chirp SDKs after that date. If you are using an SDK which you have already downloaded for hobby or proof-of-concept work you can continue to do so freely.

We’ve loved seeing developers take our SDKs and apply them to such a wide variety of imaginative application areas. We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us on our mission over the last 9 years.


Team Chirp