Connecting Devices Wherever, Whenever.

Using Data-Over-Sound for Provisioning

In a world where computers have permeated every corner of our surroundings, the need for devices to share information with minimal human input is more apparent than ever.

Many devices have the hardware capacity to communicate using audio, particularly those in the home such as smart speakers and voice assistants.

Chirp allows for these devices to be seamlessly connected to your local wifi network, without having to access a clunky web portal to enter credentials.

From smart offices to nuclear power plants, Chirp’s data-over-sound solution for provisioning provides a reliable, low-power solution for even the most extreme environments, helping to harness the power of wireless communication without limitations.


Device Provisioning

The IoT continues to reach an almost omnipresent level of accessibility for both consumers and enterprises alike. Regardless of the device model, make, authentication or configuration state, it can still be difficult to bring IoT devices onto a network. Chirp uses sound to enhance connectivity for any device with audio input/output to easily onboard devices within close proximity, providing seamless connections.


Smart Workplace

Improving communications and collaboration within the workplace is critical to enhancing client contact and creating more effective teams. Too often, however, usability of smart devices within a unified communications set up causes unnecessary friction during a time that should be productive and collaborative. To reduce the friction of connecting to and using smart devices in the workplace, Chirp provides seamless, low-power connectivity for the office and meeting rooms.


Acoustic Networking

As industrial automation continues to grow, so too does the need for a solution for robust connectivity and data communications. While there are already a plethora of radio-based IoT networking solutions, in some cases, this type of connection poses risks with equipment that pre-dates RF-regulations and is prohibited. Chirp overcomes these limitations, allowing the industrial IoT to harness the benefits of wireless communication without limitation.

Use Case: Microsoft
Case Study: EDF

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