Seamless, Secure Nearby Connections

Connect Nearby Devices Using Data-Over-Sound

Proximity detection based on GPS, Wi-Fi, or sensor fusion techniques often requires invasive permissions and personally identifiable location data to be sent to the cloud.

It can also cast quite a large net with respect to the definition of 'nearby'. With Chirp’s data-over-sound technology, proximity detection is more secure and less cumbersome, providing an easy way for local devices to connect without the threat of compromising a user’s data.

From group building and ID sharing to improving communications and collaboration within the workplace, Chirp’s data-over-sound technology provides a responsive and secure connectivity solution.

Group Building & ID Sharing

Creating groups of users is often slow, painful and insecure requiring users to manually enter the user IDs, scroll through long address book lists or provide location and identify information. Rather than relying on network-based connections, Chirp uses short bursts of ultrasonic audio to identify nearby users and devices, providing a local audio-based connection with no data being recorded or stored. This type of connection ensures a fast, responsive solution that is truly “nearby”, giving users the opportunity to interact while also protecting their privacy.

Smart Workplace

Improving communications and collaboration within the workplace is critical to enhancing client contact and creating more effective teams. Too often, however, usability of smart devices within a unified communications set up causes unnecessary friction during a time that should be productive and collaborative. To reduce the friction of connecting to and using smart devices in the workplace, Chirp provides seamless, low-power connectivity for the office and meeting rooms.

Case Study: Roblox

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