With the ever-increasing popularity of digital wallets and ticketing, Chirp offers a digital ticketing solution that's seamless, secure, and works on any mobile device.

Device agnostic: Every mobile device today is Chirp-ready

Faster to scan than QR codes, and works without line-of-sight

Deployed at scale, used in over 11m transactions in 2018

No internet connection required -- uses two-way secure ultrasonic communication

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How it works

Ticketing with Chirp is simple to implement and simple to use.

Here's how you could use Chirp for ticketing on your bus service.

  • Driver has a mobile device running your app equipped with the Chirp SDK.
    Any consumer mobile device will work.
  • Passenger boards with your Chirp-enabled passenger app open, and simply taps a button to securely chirp their ticket.
  • Driver’s app receives and decodes the chirp, validates the ticket, authenticating the passenger for the journey and allowing them onto the bus.

Case study: Shuttl

Formed in 2015 in response to issues with a nascent public transport system that has struggled to cope with Delhi’s growing population of over 16.5 million, Shuttl is an app-based office bus service that allows its customers to book transport using Shuttl’s vehicles, right from their mobile phone.

With over 1 million rides taken in the first year, Shuttl partnered with Chirp to reduce congestion, pollution and guarantee passenger seats and arrival times

Read the whole case study (PDF)

“There’s no doubt in our minds that Chirp has enabled us to improve our service. The automation of our ticket checking has improved our offering to our customers, and it’s made each of our pickups smoother. We’re incredibly thankful that we discovered Chirp when we did.”

Karan Aggarwal (AVP of Innovation, Shuttl)

Integrate Chirp into your ticketing ecosystem

Chirp supports all mobile operating systems, and it's a snap to integrate into your existing infrastructure.

Visit the Chirp Developer Hub to start building.

Start building

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