Securely Validate at Scale

Using Data-Over-Sound to Create Fast, Easy Transactions and Authentication

Mobile transactions still rely on paper, QR codes, or additional hardware support, creating slow, cumbersome experiences for both consumers and businesses.

Sound is a universal wireless technology capable of solving this problem by creating fast, easy transactions and authentication in parallel.

Because Chirp’s technology works with any device equipped with a microphone and speaker, hardware of any generation can encode and decode sensitive information, completely offline.

From peer-to-peer transactions to mobile payments, data-over-sound offers a secure, low-power, and completely offline method of payment and authentication for a more streamlined end user experience.

Transactions and Authentication

From mobile payments to events and transportation, making quick, reliable, and secure transactions are critical for a seamless user experience. By relying on paper or QR code tickets, businesses run the risk of faulty validation due to human error, poor lighting or connection issues, causing headaches for not only consumers, but businesses as well.

From seamless integration into existing hardware and frictionless connections, to its ability to work offline in even the most extreme environments, Chirp’s data-over-sound technology provides reliable validation for payments and transactions across a myriad of industries.

Case study: Shuttl

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