Explore the possibilities

At Chirp, we harness the unique affordances of sound to transmit data, enabling the interconnection of millions of new types of things in a seamless, scalable, cost-effective and powerful way.

Broadcast capable

Sound is practically omnidirectional, meaning it is broadcast from a source and travels out in all directions from its origin. This makes it particularly well suited for broadcasting data in a ‘one to many’ network configuration to devices which may have no prior interaction or association.


Unlike many networking solutions, Chirp is frictionless and does not require devices to go through any prior handshake process before they can exchange data. The system can complement existing networking technologies during device onboarding by simplifying the set up process.

Works offline

Sound works completely peer-to-peer, meaning no additional connections are needed to ‘the cloud’ or other network services, so it works great in situation where there is no other network access.


Sound is everywhere around us, and billions of devices are able to make or listen for sound via their microphones and loudspeakers. Chirp can enable machine to machine transactions even in equipment without existing networking capabilities, such as legacy equipment.


Sound can take data out of the dark, transforming it into something tangible that the majority of people are familiar with. Encoding data into sound enables it to be forward shared between different platforms and devices.


Chirp acts as the Transport Layer in the networking stack, much the same way TCP does in the internet stack. Our technology gets the data from A to B but does not itself directly implement security measures - these measures are layered on top of our Transport Layer so that they are in place as the data is passed to Chirp for transmission. Importantly, this means that Chirp does not have knowledge of security strategies implemented by partners' applications and products using our technology. Partners can effectively add any type of encryption, tokenisation or other security strategy required before broadcasting.

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